Ted Kjellsson is a 37 year old director with a passion for storytelling and visual challenges.

As a freelancer, Ted has been part of North Kingdom’s creative teams since the beginning and working with projects/clients such as Vodafone, Toyota, Got Milk-Get the Glass, Coke Zero, Menthos, Disney and Adidas. He has done TV-commercials and digital projects for both the national and the international market.

Ted´s roots lies in the traditional movie industry and he´s involved in several featurefilms and TV-series. He recently made the successful Sci-Fi TV-series ”Skrotarna” for Swedish television and is currelnty making a book adaptaion of ”The Ghost Ship Vallona”. When it comes to feature film, Ted is often called Swedens answer to Peter Jackson. Ted’s stories often have visual challenges. Like Peter, he likes to experiment with both analouge SFX and digital VFX to get the best results.

The years with North Kingdom has made Ted a reputation of being one of the best interactive storytellers and digital directors. He has the talent of combining film, web, games, social media etc into user friendly products. Ted is a ”transmedia wizard”.

Ted is also a proffesional production designer, and sometimes he combines the two roles if he have to. Anyway, as a director he have the skills to run a team of designers in projects with a lot of visual challenges.

Ted is a safe bet when it comes to commercials. His experience in handling big teams and wrestle strange ideas from the early childhood of internet is hard to match.